A family reunited: Maria Paza

Maria Paza´s situation when she first came to Pan de Vida and her situation now are entirely different. When she first came, she was living alone, separated from her husband. Her home was not the very sanitary, and the ceiling was covered with newspaper. She barely had any room in her kitchen and she was working as a housekeeper to try to provide for her children.

However, now she is back together with her husband and they have moved into a much better home. Everything is clean and she is lacking nothing. She has beds, a room for her children, a table, a refrigerator, a bathroom with all the necessities, including a shower, and places to put their clothes and belongings. They even are able to afford eating meat every day, along with whatever other type of food she might want to buy. Her situation has improved immensely and she might even soon be able to graduate from out program.

Maria Paza is 33 years old and has three children, Paul (12), Kevin (9), and Stefany (5). She was working as a housekeeper when she first came, but she is now staying home to take care of her youngest, Stephany. Stefany is quiet and affectionate, a perfectly normal child. However, she has experienced on thing that is different from most children: when she was only one year old, she had a cleft lip. She received treatment for her cleft lip when she was very young and now can live like any other child, though she is still prone to sickness and infections.

Maria´s husband, Jose (34), is a construction worker.  He is the one providing for the family and making it possible for them to live the way they are. However, he was not always like this. Before Maria came to Pan de Vida, he had been mistreating her. That´s why she decided to leave him and live on her own. She then came to Pan de Vida where we were able to help her get by. Now, she says that he has changed and she has moved back in with him.

She is proud that she has had the opportunity to hear the Word of God and she loves to hear more. She is grateful for how it has changed her family and she sees God as someone who cares for us and protects that. Please pray that she continues to come to a deeper understanding of God and that she will continue to trust him. Pray also for her daughter Stefany´s health and for all of her family.

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