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Our Ministry

Our goal at Pan de Vida is for people to learn the life skills and obtain the resources they need, both spiritually and physically, to no longer need assistance from us.  In the last 10 years we have had several families able to “graduate” from our program, or in other words, they have moved from being in a place of extreme poverty to a place where they can now sustain themselves sufficiently with either government assistance or independently on their own.  We do this by first identifying the families who regularly attend our Bible teaching and feeding programs and who demonstrate a true need for extra assistance through our programs.  This evaluation is done by interviews and home visits with our social worker.

If accepted into our beneficiary program, these families are assigned to one of two places.  Group 1 are the families in extreme poverty who lack the resources to provide for their basic living needs.  Group 2 are families that have some limited access to resources, but still demonstrate a need for additional assistance.

Pan de Vida holds two main Bible study and feeding sessions a week, one on Sunday mornings and one on Wednesday evenings.  Any person who comes to our foundation is welcome to attend the worship and Bible study service followed by a hot meal regardless of their financial needs, economic status, or living conditions.

Apart from our general teaching and feeding sessions, we also have special programs that are designated for our beneficiaries who qualify for extra assistance.  These programs include things such as the school supply program, kid’s club, micro-business project, priority funding on medical vouchers, first access to the flea market, food bags, and more.  Our social worker and staff monitor these families closely.