Sharing a house: Ana Lema

Ana Lema (25) and her husband Jose Luis (29) have two children, Omar (4) and Maite (3). Maite is too young to go to school, so Ana must stay home and take care of her rather than working herself. She has no education, so her options for jobs are limited. They live with Ana´s mother because they can´t afford to pay rent in another place.

Jose works as a construction official, but his job isn´t fixed. Currently he is without work. When he doesn´t have work, he helps Ana with her side job, which is collecting plastic bottles, cartons, glass bottles, and other recyclable things; they can get money for turning bottles in to be recycled. This earns them only about $135 per month.

They live in the Northern part of Quito, where they occupy one room that serves as both bedroom and kitchen. Their mother also houses Ana´s sister and her family, so the place is crowded. Some of the floors are dirt, which is a health risk. The cleanliness of the house is poor and they don´t have a bathroom; they have to share with the grandmother.

The house isn´t very secure; the door is barely on its hinges and parts if it seem unlikely to last long. The family has fit everything they own into one small room, including the beds, armoire, and gas stove. The nice thing about the house is that it is located on a main street and they have easy access to public transport.

We are hoping to do a Hit Squad on their house soon. They need plaster on the walls, electrical installations, and particularly a bathroom. They also need to have their roof tilted instead of flat, which will let the rain flow off it properly and allow the roof to last longer.

One of their biggest needs is the need for a better job. For Ana, her options are limited.  For Jose, he needs to find the next building project, but since November he hasn´t had any luck. Their second biggest need is the need for a Hit Squad and the improvement of their home, particularly the roof and the bathroom.

Please pray for this family. Pray that they will be able to find better jobs. Pray also that we will be able to have a Hit Squad on their house. If you would like to bring a group in and be the ones to do that Hit Squad, or would like to do a mission trip of another kind some other time, please contact us. If you want to donate to help this family and families like it, click here.