Still in her parent´s house: Laura Lema

It´s traditional in Ecuador that adults live with their parents until they´re married. But some people can´t move out even if they are married. Laura Lema (23) lives with her husband Nelson (28) and her young son Justin (3). They live in Laura´s mother´s house because they can´t afford to live on their own. Laura´s sister Ana, who is also a beneficiaries of Pan de Vida, is in the same situation and lives with her family in the other rooms, also in their mother´s house. Their sister Rosa is in the same situation, but lives with her husband´s mother.

Nelson works as a street vendor selling candy. He makes about $30 per week. Periodically, they also collect recyclable materials and turn them in for money. Every month, between these two activities, the family earns about $185 per month. Laura doesn´t work, but stays at home to take care of their son Justin.

Justin poses challenges for the family; he´s epileptic. He has been diagnosed and treated at the Baca Ortiz Children´s Hospital, but he still has to take pills daily. His health causes the family worry and makes it difficult for Laura to consider working.

The family lives in one room that serves as their bedroom and their kitchen. They use the grandmother´s bathroom, which they share with both the grandmother and Laura´s sister´s family. Some of the floors in the house are only dirt floors and the roof needs to be tilted to allow water to flow off it instead of sitting on it.

We are hoping to do a Hit Squad for them soon. This family needs in particular a new bathroom, electrical installations, and plastered walls. They also need a donation of another bed for the child, a mattress, and a chest of drawers.

Please pray for this family. Pray for Justin´s situation and his health, pray that we will be able to do a Hit Squad on their house, and pray that they will be able to find a better job. If you would like to bring a group here to do that Hit Squad, or if you would like to do a different project for a mission trip or want to do it at a different time, please contact us. If you would like to donate to help families like this one, please click here.