Rising above: María Campos

María Campos has tries to make ends meet any way she can. Her primary work is as a street vendor, selling coffee, candy, or chocolate in the streets. This type of work rarely earns much, and so she tries to supplement it with other activities such as recycling bottles and washing dishes for a restaurant on the weekends. Even with everything extra that she does, she earns only approximately 150 dollars per month.

In November 2012, a neighbor recommended that María and her four daughters, Evelyn (17), Karen (14), María (13), and Leonela (11), come to Pan de Vida and she began to come to our food distribution programs on Sundays and Wednesdays. She became one our beneficiary families in August 2013, when helped her buy school supplies for her children.

The house that she lives in was at that time in great need of work. She had no bathroom, no sink in the kitchen, no glass in her windows, and not enough beds for each child. Some of the beds didn´t have a mattress and one was patched together with soda crates. Her ceiling was water-damaged and leaked every time it rained.

In 2014, María´s home was chosen for a Hit Squad. Volunteers came and fixed her roof, put glass in her windows, gave her a new door, a new sink, new taps, and pipes. They helped her put new electrical installations and painted the inside of the house. They also donated a new bed, mattresses, a computer desk, a chest of drawers, clothes, and new backpacks for the children.

María´s greatest need right now is a job. To try to help her with this, she was invited to take part in the Sewing Project, one of our microbusiness efforts. She learned to sew through this program and by Christmas was able to sew tablecloths, napkins, cleaning cloths, and purses. She received a sewing machine at the end of the project, which gives her a great new opportunity to augment her income by selling products that she makes or doing repairs.

María says she is very grateful for what Pan de Vida has done for her. Thanks to Pan de Vida, not only has her living situation improved immensely but she and her daughters have also had the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Thanks to the work that God has been doing through Pan de Vida, the lives of these women have changed forever. Thank you for helping to make this possible. If you would like to help support this family and those like it, click here.