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Act Now Ecuador Earthquake Relief


On April 16th, 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador causing massive destruction to the coastal regions. As of April 22 many areas continue to have no electricity, no water and no latrines, people are living outdoors, in self made tents, with no protection against mosquitoes, heat and living unsanitary conditions, with no running water, no available food while enduring continuous 4 to 6 Richter scale aftershocks.

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No longer married: Maria Chaguancallo

Unlike some of our beneficiaries, who cannot afford a marriage and end up simply living with their significant others, Maria Changuancallo was able to get married. However, it wasn´t a happy marriage. Her husband was working as a construction worker and using that to help the family. But she and her husband hjad many problems […]

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The seamstress: Sandra Quisphe

We teach a microbusiness class to teach our mothers how to sew, but one of our beneficiaries already knows how. Sandra Quisphe (33) has three children, Fernando (11), Camila (7), and Michael (3). Sandra helps her sister Jenny with her tailoring shop, where she makes shirts. However, she only works occasionally. Sometimes there isn´t any […]

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