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Skills Development Center

Our ministry is quickly growing and impacting thousands of lives in Quito. We need more space to run some of our programs. In 2014 alone, around 20,600 people were served in meetings at our facility; 50% of them were children. Out of that number of people last year, we were able to identify 541 families that received direct help in different areas (food, groceries, clothes, medical help, etc.) Of those families, we have chosen 58 families in extreme poverty to help them in a more direct way.

The goal is to have 70 families in extreme poverty on our list of beneficiaries by the end of 2015.

The aid programs we do with our beneficiary families include school supplies, improvement projects, providing major medical relief, and the still developing work skills training program. In 2014 we were able to train 32 people in our cooking class, 12 people in our sewing class, and 7 young mothers in our baking class.

In order to expand our microbusiness program we want to establish a SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTER (SDC). This will provide enough space and proper facilities. At the moment, Pan de Vida has extremely limited space for our microbusiness projects. The Skills Development Center would provide additional room for these microbusiness programs. Currently, we have enough room to accept only up to 7 women into every sewing class. However, there are 58 women in need of the sewing program.

We are sure the work skills training program, also called the microbusiness program, is a difference maker in our effort to break the cycle of poverty for these families. It helps us establish a constructive relationship with them, which allows to better serve them. The immediate result of the program is a better understanding of the love of GOD and a restoration of their sense of well-being and worth. Additionally, it helps them discover their gifts and talents and shapes their futures based on their own capabilities rather that solely depending on a helping hand. Our goal is to empower these individuals to ultimately become self-sustaining.

We recently learned that a partner ministry is selling a building next to Pan de Vida. We want to buy it and turn it into the Skills Development Center (SDC) to continue to increase our microbusiness program. The cost of the building is $570,000 and we know we would need to do some improvements and renovations.

We expect to invest around $80,000 for that.

Other benefits of the building would be the opportunity to have a large training center and additional office space for the staff at PDV. In the current building there is one office for the three full time staff members. The other staff members share a computer lab. We would be able to more efficiently accomplish administrative tasks with additional office space.

With your prayers and financial assistance, we believe that Pan de Vida will be able to expand and continue to have a positive impact on the community. If you would like to support our new Skills Development Center, you can make a donation by clicking here or mail a check to our address at:

Pan de Vida
P.O. Box 480
Wheaton, IL 60187