Hit Squad for Carmen Guachala


This past week, the hit squad for Carmen Guachala´s house went as planned. The house that she is living in is a two room and one kitchen house, with no bathroom, no plumbing, and no floors. The ceiling is made of sheets of zinc. The building is right next to a cliff, where there is some concern than a landslide could wash the house away. They do not have the means to move, however, so we, as a temporary solution, worked to make her current house a little bit more livable.

The group from Lincoln, IL came in with a hearts ready to serve and they set to work cleaning up the area. They dug out a path on the edge of the hill so that a pipe could be placed in the ground from the bathroom, and they built the walls for this bathroom. They also replaced one of the beds with a real bed. The one before had been improvised with Coca-cola crates and some blocks. They added at window and then cleaned the house, including the stove. Finally, they also presented Carmen with donations of clothes and home equipment.

They had the aid of an expert, Ricardo, whom we had hired in order to help with the building. He guided them in mixing cement, building the walls, placing the pipes, and directing the operation.  They also had the aid of Alberto, our new Hit Squad coordinator, who was also there to help and direct.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for this event. Thank you to the LCU group who came and worked. And thank you to all who support us and help us do activities like this. We are making a difference!