Hit squad for Johanna Bastidas

Johanna Bastidas 2

Our past Hit Squads have had beneficiaries in tears because of the impact that they make on their lives. We´re hoping that our next one will make a similarly significant impact. Thursday the 30th of April we are going to do a Hit Squad on the house of Johanna Bastidas. We have three new interns coming that week, and they will help us complete the Hit Squad, as well as the staff of Pan de Vida and a few other volunteers.

I wrote about Johanna Bastidas´s story a few weeks ago, and you can view that story here. But recently we have learned a little bit more about her story. Firstly, we´ve learned that she´s recently taken up a few new economic activities. Instead of only cleaning houses, she now also recycles plastic bottles and she sells candy and chocolates as a street vendor, like her sisters. This makes her $120 per month. She has been coming to Pan de Vida since 2013, but she is now also attending a local church with her sisters, Iglesia Cristiana “El verbo”. Praise God for this!

She lives in a room in the same building that her mother and her two sisters live in. She rents one room of the building, which is a small bedroom that has a small annex with a sink, to serve as a kitchen. They share two small bathrooms with about 15 other families that live in the same building. The house needs a lot more work than we can give it in one day, but we will be able to do something. We are planning to paint the house and make it a little bit more livable, as well as do some electrical work for the room.

We also have some donations for her. She participated in our micro-business program the Sewing Project and received a sewing machine from the program, but she is doesn´t have a workplace. She needs a table to put it on so she can use it to make money for her family. She also needs some basic kitchen utensils and a place to put her children´s clothes. We have a chest of drawers and some kitchen utensils to give her to meet this need.

If you would like to help with this Hit Squad, please come to the Pan de Vida house at 9am April 30th.  If you would like to donate to make more Hit Squads like this possible, please click here. If you would like to bring a group down to do a Hit Squad like this, please contact us. Please continue to pray for our families!