Life as a single mother in Quito: America Paredes

One of the problems that many poor families have is that they only have the support of one parent. As valiantly as the single mother (generally it´s the mother) works and tries to get ahead, the responsibility is so big that it is often a struggle. And many of the fathers don´t even send money. America Paredes (42) is one of those mothers who is solely responsible for her children and sees little aid from the children´s fathers. She has three children, Bryan (18), Karen (11), and Alejandro (7).

None of the fathers are close to the family, and they no longer live with them. That said, one of the fathers, Alejandro´s, does occasionally send money to help the family. Apart from that aid, the responsibility of raising the children lies solely on America, who works as much as she can to help support them. They also have the aid of the oldest boy, but they still are in a lot of need.She works as an employee in the cafeteria at a local high school, which earns her only $220 per month. This is all she has to cover the cost of food, housing, transport, and schooling for her family. She rents a home with only two rooms, a bedroom and a kitchen. She has two beds in her home, in the one room were just about everything they own is. Clothes are piled on top of each other, some just piled in boxes in the corner. Everything that can hang from the walls does.

They don´t have a table to do homework on or eat on, so everything is done on the bed. America´s children are all in school, though the oldest, Bryan, is also working at the same time. He had to drop out of full time school to help the family, so though he is 18, he only has finished a secondary level of schooling. Her biggest need right now is to keep her children in school so that they can achieve more. For this, she needs help paying for school supplies.

That´s why they come to Pan de Vida. At Pan de Vida, they can receive healthy meals and godly teaching. They have been coming to our open meetings on Sundays and Wednesdays since 2013. We have been able to help them with donations of clothing, groceries, and scholarships to buy school supplies. In 2014, her children were also able to participate in our summer programs. Through these programs, they are able to learn more about God and their own worth and potential, which may one day lead them to rise above their situation.

Thank you for making it possible for us to do as much as we have for this family. If you would like to donate to help more families like America´s, you can donate here. If you are interested in bringing a group down to do a Hit Squad or a summer program, you can contact us here. Please pray for this family.