Losing a family member: Maria Simbaña

It´s a terrible thing to lose a family member. Maria Simbaña knows firsthand just how terrible that is, as she lost her daughter-in-law about 5 years ago. To make matters worse, she left behind two young children, Wendy (9) and Joseph (7), who are not  old enough to take care of themselves. And their father, Maria´s son Wilson, works far away and can´t come home often, so they live with Maria, their grandmother.

Maria lives with her husband, Manuel, in a very southern part of Quito. The family is actually from another city, which means that most of their family members are not nearby to help them. Manuel still works in that city, as does their son Wilson, which means that they only comes home twice a month. This means that Wilson cannot take care of the children, and he doesn´t get to see them often. However, he does come and buy them groceries. He helps them financially as he can.

She works as a housekeeper and their son Wilson works as a mechanic. They have no medical problems. Though they have all the basic necessities, including running water, lights, a refrigerator, a table, a microwave, and a stove, they need new mattresses for the beds that the children are sleeping on and a proper bed for Maria´s who is currently sleeping on an improvised bed made from boards.

Because they live in such a southern tip of Quito, it is difficult for them to access most of the city. They do not live near any major bus routes, and when they want to come to Pan de Vida, it will likely take about an hour. Still, they continue to come regularly, which speaks to how much they need Pan de Vida´s help. Pan de Vida has helped them with medicine, shoes, and food, and they continue to come with needs. God will help us to continue to aid them.

If you would like to be a part of God´s work in Pan de Vida and donate to help our families, you can do that here. If you are interested in bringing a group down to do a Hit Squad or special program, contact us here. Please pray for this family, including Maria´s health and the children.