New Paint, New Spirits

HS 4

The ventilation in Johanna Bastidas´s house is non-existent, which means that the fumes from the paint were particularly bad. This means that we were particularly silly as we did a Hit Squad on her house this past Thursday.

The group was the Pan de Vida team, made up of staff and particularly of our newest interns, Sam and Ann from Germany and Nicole from Paraguay. We also had the assistance of Nan, a short-term volunteer from the US, Rebekah, a missionary from the US, Lucas, a missionary at HCJB from Germany, and two PDV staff members, Carmen and Alberto. Most importantly, we also had the assistance of Johanna Bastidas, whose house we were working on. She also wanted to have a hand in the work that was being done on her house, and we are more than happy to have her help.


The house that she lives in is really no more than a room, with a small annex where there is a sink and a table top stove. The home is located in a building that houses around 15 other families. It is located near the historic city center, so the home is very old, and was built before ventilation was a thing. We moved everything out of her home, cleaned it thoroughly, and then repainted the walls a brighter color to make the room more inviting and to cover the water damage on some of the walls.

The home looks so much better. The donations from Pan de Vida, including a table for her kitchen table and a small set of shelves to put food in, were well-received. She appreciates what Pan de Vida has done for her. Thank you for supporting Pan de Vida, which allows us to help people by doing projects like this one. If you would like to donate to help us do more, click here. If you would like to bring a group down to do a Hit Squad like this, contact us here. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for Pan de Vida!