No longer married: Maria Chaguancallo

Unlike some of our beneficiaries, who cannot afford a marriage and end up simply living with their significant others, Maria Changuancallo was able to get married. However, it wasn´t a happy marriage. Her husband was working as a construction worker and using that to help the family. But she and her husband hjad many problems in their marriage and eventually separated. He no longer helps the family. Maria is the sole provider for her children.  She works as a part-time maid, cleaning houses for wealthier people. She also helps in the kitchen of a restaurant. These two activities and the work that her son does earn her family 250$ per month.

Maria is fifty-two years old and has three sons; the youngest one, Carlos, is only ten. The middle son Roberto (18) is still working on his high school degree. Graduating from high school will give him an advantage that she never had. Her oldest son, Leodan (29), works occasionally as a construction worker. He struggles with alcoholism.

They live in a home with a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen in the historic city center. This is a beautiful part of the city, but because of its age the apartment she lives in doesn´t have good ventilation or illumination. The four of them sleep together in just one room.

Their greatest need is better income and a better home.  They also need help paying for the schooling of the two sons who are still studying. Their space is limited, and their income more so. What they make is not enough to cover all their needs for transportation, studies, food, bills, and rent.

They have received aid from Pan de Vida. They always have the opportunity to come every Sunday and Wednesday and receive food and the Word of God. And they have received school scholarships to help the children stay in school. Finally, most recently, Maria received a pair of glasses in the last giveaway, which means that she can now see better.

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to help this family. If you would like to donate to help more families like this, you can do that here. If you want to bring a group to do a Hit Squad or a special program, you can contact us here. Please pray for this family!