The influence of a father: Beneficiary story of Carmen Tumbaco

Many people have a complicated relationship with their fathers. For Francisco, this is because of the abuse that he and his mother experienced from his father. Carmen Tumbaco (57) lives with one of her sons, Francisco (12). Before, when the whole family was together, there were seven of them, five children and two parents. But the father was an alcoholic and an abuser, and five years ago he left. The other four children, who are now adults, left as well and now live in their own homes.

To make matters worse, Francisco has had health problems in the past. He had a bacterial infection that caused him to have allergic conjunctivitis. He received treatment for this in 2012 and was prescribed glasses, which he has since lost. He needs another pair. Francisco also has a learning disability due the fact that he was born premature, at only six and a half months, and then fell out a window when he was only one year old. These problems are harder to treat for because there is little help for special needs kids available in Ecuador.

They used to rent a place with one room and a kitchen, where they shared a bathroom outside of the house with three other families. They needed new stove, a new bed, and a place to put their clothes. But recently Carmen and Francisco have moved in with Carmen´s new boyfriend Oswaldo and his two sons. This seems to be a good thing for them; Oswaldo is also a believer and takes an active interest in helping Francisco grow to be a God-fearing man. The other two boys are well-behaved and a good example for Francisco.

Francisco needs that example because he has lately been disobedient. Because of what he experienced from his father, he doesn´t feel that fathers are to be trusted. So even though Oswaldo is trying to be a good example of a father for him, he doesn´t trust him. Every day when Francisco comes home from school, he comes late and lies about where he was, making his parents worry. Oswaldo thinks that he´s just staying at school late to play computer games, but he´s worried about the other boys that Francisco is hanging out with and worries that they might get Francisco involved in drugs. This is the biggest worry right now for the family, they just don´t know whom he´s with or what he´s doing.

Carmen washes clothes three days a week for a living, which earns her only $130 per month. They also some help from the government, a bonus of $35 per month. Now they can rely on the help of Oswaldo, who works as a security guard. They don´t share their finances, but he does share his home and his food.

The family has been coming to Pan de Vida since 2008. Through our support, they have received help with school supplies, food, and medical expenses. Francisco in particular has been active in our ministry; he participated in Vacation Bible School in 2007 and 2008, the sports camp this last month, Sons of Vision every month, and other such programs. In addition to Francisco´s involvement, Carmen was baptized in 2012. Please continue to pray for them.

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