The seamstress: Sandra Quisphe

We teach a microbusiness class to teach our mothers how to sew, but one of our beneficiaries already knows how. Sandra Quisphe (33) has three children, Fernando (11), Camila (7), and Michael (3). Sandra helps her sister Jenny with her tailoring shop, where she makes shirts. However, she only works occasionally. Sometimes there isn´t any work for her to do at the store. When she can´t find work or it isn´t enough, her mother helps her pay her bills. She makes about $220 per month.

They used to receive help from the government, but she has recently stopped receiving it. Most of our beneficiaries are supposed to receive government aid, but not many of them, for one reason or another, do not. Sometimes they don´t know why. She does receive some aid from the father of her youngest child, and her mother also helps her pay her rent. Even with the aid, though, she still falls under the poverty level.

They all live in a house with only one bedroom. They have running water, lights, and a telephone. The bus runs right by the front of their house, which makes it easy for them to access other parts of the city. These are the advantages that the family has. The disadvantages include their low income and the fact that the fathers of the children do not help.

The father of the first two children does not send her any aid; they have been separated for a few years now. She is not married. Another difficulty is that they have had some medical issues in the past. Fernando suffered from chronic otitis, or an inflammation of the ear. However, he received treatment and has recovered.

Pan de Vida has had the privilege of helping them in a few ways. They have been coming since 2008 and receiving regular, healthy meals. The children have participated in all our summer programs, including VBS camps and sports camps. They have received school supply scholarships, which will help them buy school supplies that they need to stay in school. They´ve also received donations of shoes, clothing, and groceries.

The biggest need right now is for a bathroom inside their house and aid for the children´s education. Pan de Vida has provided such things in the past thanks to the generosity of our donors. If you want to donate to help us provide these things for more families, you can do that here. If you want to bring a group down to do a Hit Squad or a similar program, you can contact us here. Please pray for this family!