A Back-Breaking Struggle Against Poverty

Jesus Enrique is a proud father and loving husband who works tirelessly to provide for his family, but despite his best efforts he cannot free himself from the grip of poverty on his own. Several years ago, Jesus immigrated from Venezuela in search of work but soon discovered that there are few employment options open to Venezuelans in Quito, so he took to the streets, working at stoplights selling what he could. This is demanding work, requiring perseverance to withstand insults from those driving by and the strength to endure long hours in all types of weather. Unfortunately, the pandemic has made selling on the streets nearly impossible. It is not profitable and now also illegal. As Jesus Enrique searched for other options, he discovered Pan de Vida through the recommendation of a friend. There, Jesus and his family found spiritual food and immediate assistance for their pressing needs. Pan de Vida provided regular grocery donations which allowed Jesus to plan his next steps without worrying about his family going hungry. Through Pan de Vida’s micro-entrepreneurship program Jesus was able to start a chicken distribution business, which has helped him make ends meet and gain some security. 

 Jesus’s days start early. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. he sets out on foot often on slippery roads and in dangerous neighborhoods, all while carrying the day’s poultry deliveries in a child’s backpack weighing nearly 75lbs! He has managed to gain 15 stable clients who order chicken from him daily, and after visiting each one, he returns home exhausted at 11:00 to share lunch with his family and help his wife sell leftover chickens at a small stand on a bustling nearby intersection. Jesus is confident that his business will continue to grow. Ultimately, he places his faith in God who never failed in providing for His children. 

I (an intern at Pan de Vida) was deeply impressed by Jesus’ honest explanation of his triumphs as well as his persisting needs. Jesus has set for himself the goal of providing chicken to 100 regular clients, but logistically he cannot reach so many restaurants on foot.  

Jesus desperately needs some form of transportation to establish his business and provide for his family. Jesus is pushing himself to the limit, but without the continued support and partnership of Pan de Vida he will struggle to escape this precarious situation. Please pray for Jesus and his family and consider donating time or resources to Pan de Vida to enable them to continue meeting the urgent needs of those like Jesus. If you feel convicted to help this particular family, please get in touch with us today at info@pandevida.org.ec



Av. America N39-183 Calle San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador