Alejandro Vidal: Guidance at Traffic Lights

When the traffic light turns red, Alejandro Vidal walks between the cars near Avenue Brazil with a basket full of marshmallows and his hands holding gummies. As the cars drive by, people roll down their windows to purchase anything from masks to a snack for their morning commutes. Alejandro says he works from “sunday to sunday,” providing for his daughter and his wife. 

Before Alejandro began selling candies, he was a construction worker in Quito. However, during the global pandemic, he lost his job and struggled to find food for his daughter. Looking for help, Alejandro confided in a friend who gave him trash bags to sell to passing cars at traffic lights. It was while he was selling in the street, when he noticed a line wrapped around the Pan de Vida building. Curious about the line of people, he went to Pan de Vida with his daughter and found a ministry that offered food and an opportunity to start his own business—a moment in which Alejandro saw God’s guidance in his life. 

With Pan de Vida’s support, Alejandro received food for his family, school supplies for his daughter and Christmas presents during the holidays. When Alejandro received these needs, he was able to save money and purchase more products to sell, including candy assortments. Vending for almost a year now, Alejandro reflected on the support he received from Pan de Vida.

“He has a purpose for me, and I know that he is guiding me and giving me many things,” Alejandro said. “And it taught me to value my life, to change my lifestyle and to always be grateful to God, for his love and his grace.”

Although Alejandro’s business is growing, his wife experiences health issues and Alejandro has been unable to afford the cost of going to a clinic. He also hopes to provide money for his mother, who lives alone in Eastern Ecuador. Through the difficulty of his wife’s health issues and distance from his mother, Alejandro continues to rely on the assurance that God will continue to provide for Him—just as He did when he found Pan de Vida at a red traffic light. 

Through his business, and through building relationships with volunteers and staff at Pan de Vida, Alejandro is receiving the help that he needs for his business and his walk with the Lord. Pan de Vida continues to support Alejandro as he grows his business and strengthens his relationship with the Lord. However, Alejandro still needs our support. To donate money or give support to Alejandro and his family visit

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