Solimar is a mother who oversees her four children: Sthefany (21 years old), Yoaniker (17 years old), Yonailys (11 years old) and Yohalberth (8 years old), all of Venezuelan nationality. In 2021, they made the difficult decision to leave their country due to the severe economic crisis, in the hope of finding a better future for their family. Since her arrival, Solimar has had to face not only economic difficulties, but also the labor exploitation and discrimination to which she has been exposed. These experiences have negatively impacted her emotional health, adding an additional burden to everything that comes with being a single mother and provider, since the father of her children does not contribute financially to the expenses, also showing little interest and concern towards them.

Solimar, together with her daughter Sthefany, are dedicated to the street sale of water and garbage bags, activities that do not generate enough income to cover the expenses of five people who make up the family nucleus. In addition to this, her two small children suffer from asthma, a condition that often makes it impossible for Solimar to go out to work normally, since Yohalberth’s asthma attacks are usually very complicated and require assistance.

Since Pan de Vida learned of the situation of need that the family was going through, we have sought to provide help with groceries, something that significantly alleviated the financial pressure they faced and allowed them to have a better diet for a few weeks. Likewise, medical help has been provided, an especially important aspect for Solimar’s children, since they have been able to monitor their children’s asthma condition.

Solimar is very grateful for every gesture of help, kindness and love that she has received from Pan de Vida, because they have felt valued and cared for, but, above all, they have felt happy for the opportunity to learn more about God, the words of hope and faith have strengthened their spirituality, reminding them that they are not alone and that there is a greater love that surrounds and cares for them at all times.

Despite these obstacles, Solimar’s determination and love for his children continue to be his main driving force to fight every day to offer them a better future, as he maintains the hope of overcoming these difficulties with daily work and effort, continually seeking opportunities to improve your economic situation and offer a better quality of life to your family.

“God is our refuge and strength, our very present help in tribulations.” Psalm 46:1:



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