Pan de Vida Foundation

Acknowledgement of Donation
Dear Partner,

We are committed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the immediate needs of the less fortunate in cooperation with our partners by providing food, education, medical assistance, shelter improvement, and microbusiness support to our beneficiaries.

Your continuous support ensures a greater impact in our programs as it helps us focus our efforts more on ministry rather than fund-raising.

As an update on the work done so far this year through Pan de Vida we are happy to report that:

  • 394 struggling families have received a food kit
  • 247 families have attended our Sunday food distribution program where we have distributed 1735 hot meals
  • 47 packages of diapers have been given
  • 950 medical appointments have been given to 418 individuals in need
  • 228 kids have received vitamins
  • 89 kids have received school supplies and backpacks
  • 145 active projects in our microbusiness program. 110 of them are agroecological.

*Note: these figures are linked to our actual system of registration of donations. All figures are updated weekly.

We give thanks to God for your partnership. It is because of people like you that we can continue to do ministry!

Serving together,
Oscar Aguirre. ME, MBA
Executive Director



Av. America N39-183 Calle San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador