Beginning Again- The Story of Mayerling Gomez

During the peak of the Venezuelan crisis, Mayerling, Edgar and their son Edgar Jr. were forced to flee their home and seek refuge in Ecuador. This was no small decision since both Mayerling and Edgar occupied stable, professional positions in Venezuela. Additionally, their son, Edgar Jr., suffers from cerebral palsy which provided further reason to stay. However, political persecution and oppression made their situation untenable and drove them to take the drastic step of uprooting the family despite all the difficulties and losses. 

In Ecuador they have confronted all the hardships of immigration which have only been compounded by the pandemic. Since their arrival the family has struggled to make ends meet. Thankfully, through Pan de Vida’s food donation programs, they gained stable access to healthy groceries. Mayerling and Edgar have since demonstrated perseverance and determination to better their situation by using their skills to work towards a stable income. Using her training as a child psychologist, Mayerling has been running a daycare from her home which allows her to simultaneously care for her son, Edgar Jr. Additionally, she is participating in Pan de Vida’s Micro-Entrepreneurship Program (MEP). Through her enterprise, Temptations, she offers high-quality sweet and salty treats to supplement her income. Her husband is utilizing his training as a police officer by working two days a week as a security guard. Pan de Vida has consistently supported the family’s efforts to adjust to their new context in Ecuador.  

The family is working hard daily to establish themselves securely in their new home, but the visa process is always a challenge. Please join Pan de Vida in praying for this family as they seek continued legal residence and safety in Ecuador. With God’s grace and provision, they will be able to overcome these numerous challenges by planting new roots and recovering what was lost.  


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