Jenni Suntaxi- Growing in Christ

This is the testimony of Jenni Suntaxi, a 40-year-old Ecuadorian mother of two children. While Jenni searched for food to provide for her family, as well as spiritual assistance, a couple invited Jenni and her family to Pan de Vida. Juan Carlos—one of our social workers—welcomed Jenni and her family. Through attending Pan de Vida sermons, Jenni learned about God’s love and direction for her life and for her family.

Jenni continued attending Wednesday evening sermons at Pan de Vida to encourage her faith. Her children also learned about God’s love for them—especially enjoying the worship music they learned at Pan de Vida. Since 2018, Jenni and her family received school supplies, tables and spiritual support from Pan de Vida.

Now, Jenni wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to make quimbolitos—a sweet steamed cake cooked in achira leaves. Receiving entrepreneurship training from Pan de Vida in the beginning of 2020, Jenni learned entrepreneurial skills such as cooking quimbolitos, customer service, and the mathematical skills needed to establish a profitable business.

Working three days per week, Jenni cooks 70 quimbolitos everyday in her home and delivers the quimbolitos to surrounding neighborhoods with her son on his bike. Working until 12 p.m., Jenni’s workday involves harvesting achira leaves from her own backyard. After washing the achira leaves, she takes them to her kitchen where she begins the cooking process—mixing flour, eggs, vanilla, raisins, and orange zest.

On average, Jenni makes about $45 per week—and communicates with her clients via WhatsApp. As her business continues to grow, Jenni hopes to increase her prices. Through Pan de Vida’s help, she is learning how to purchase quality tools for business, as well as business methods to improve her profit.

One day, Jenni hopes to open her own cafeteria—reaching the same clientele as a supermarket or restaurant. As her business grows, she is working on reaching other neighborhoods in the greater Quito area.

As Jenni continues to grow in her entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as in her spiritual walk with the Lord, Pan de Vida continues to offer Jenni and her family support. Jenni said that she is continually encouraged by Pan de Vida, through opportunities to praise God—even when facing difficult circumstances.

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