First egg laid by a chick



The Saldarriaga are Colombian-Venezuelan migrants Jose (Merchant) and Yosmarth (Educator) are married and have two children José Ángel and Mariángel. They are a Christ-centered family that has been following the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 13 years.

José and Yosmarth, as many families have been through very difficult trials, when they were residing in Venezuela, they were subjected to harassment and political violence promoted by the local government. The government expropriated their assets (business and house), forcing them out of the country abruptly.

They migrated to Ecuador in 2018 without economic or material resources, without personal belongings and without knowing anyone, but united as a family with great trust in God.

The Saldarriaga family arrived at Pan de Vida in April 2018 in a difficult condition both emotionally and economically. Soon after joining our programs, they were blessed with medical care, spiritual support, and provision of clothing and food, as well as legal information. During the summer, their children had the opportunity to participate in a Summer Vacation Bible School and were supported with school supplies and uniforms to start their classes on a regular basis this year.

José and Yosmarth were considered in the interview process to enter the entrepreneurship program, and were one of the families chosen, to be part of it. Jose and his wife’s main objective is to improve their well-being. The family is currently developing their project with the support of Pan de Vida and other social organizations. This consists of a small hatchery for egg laying hens. 

The Project

Jose taking care of his chickens

José used the Lean Canvas method for his project, working a financial analysis. The project was called: “Gallinero Granja Villa María,” and it focuses on “ORGANIC EGGS’. It is located in the north of Quito inside a convent where Jose and his family found refuge months ago. Jose has been able to get a place, for free, to establish his business and what he requested from us was $300. He needed $500 to start so we urged him to get additional funding. God was good and He provided the Rotary club youth (ROTARAC) to come along with Jose and not only provide the rest of the money but also help him with his marketing strategy. Additional to all the training and funding provided, Jose has a mentor assigned that would walk along with him as he develops his project.

Juan started his project with 35 chickens. The estimated production is a bucket (30 units) daily which has a market price of $ 7 which is higher than the market value of $4 because the eggs will be marketed as “organic” (chickens are only feed with corn only), therefore they will be marketed to a segment of customers with high income and willing to pay for quality.

This new endeavor has not been easy, they experienced several chickens suddenly dead. However, they are trying to overcome all hurdles, they are trusting God the projects take off. Please join us in prayer for this family and every family that is trying to have a successful startup.

Zaldarriaga Family showing the first egg
The Zaldarriaga Family
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