Standing Up Again: The Life Story of Anny Valdez

This is the testimony of Anny Valdez, a 36-year-old Venezuelan nurse and wife to Oswaldo Ochoa and mother of Tifanny (8) and Sebastian (7).  This family of believers and Christ followers of 6 years migrated to Ecuador at the end of 2018 due to the socio-political situation and the economic crisis that they were experiencing in Venezuela. They made this hard decision after Anny’s husband, Oswaldo, a baker, lost his family bakery business.  This was their only source of income.  They were in a financial crisis, there was not enough food available, and they faced much insecurity in the area where they lived.   

They arrived in Ecuador with only two suitcases of clothes.  They left everything they had built up over the years with great effort in Venezuela.   They had much hope when they arrived in Ecuador that their quality of life would improve and were highly motivated to get a new start.   

Few months later, in August, Anny and Oswaldo found out about PDV from a neighbor who invited her to one of our food-distribution programs on Sundays.  It was at this program that we heard their story and, were invited, few weeks later we invited them to participate in entrepreneurship meetings on Wednesdays.  

In addition to being a part of our entrepreneurship program, this family also received assistance with, groceries, medical assistance, school supplies for their children, and participated in the Christmas programs. 

In January of 2020 Anny attended our seminar for entrepreneurs on the Lean Start Canvas Methodology. After the seminar Anny and her husband presented a project to sell bolones, empanadas and coffee in the street. They setup their business in February in the area of Calderon in the North of Quito. The loan was of $50.00 and they used it to buy supplies and two wheels for the portable cart they had gotten. Business was doing well, so much so they were able to pay their loan in one month. Unfortunately, they could not work anymore after March 17th when the Government ordered the mandatory lock down due to the Covid pandemic in Ecuador. They were able to survive with the help of Pan de Vida and their church in Calderon.  

We are happy to report that this hard-working family currently is developing a new entrepreneurial project: they make bread, pastry, and traditional sweets, they sell it at home and on request. The began in December 2020 with the support of Pan de Vida this new project which allows them to have $45 in income per week. It has not been easy for Anny and her family, they have had to overcome many obstacles, but their strength and comfort comes from God. 

We are happy to support this family and see God’s provision for their lives. 

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