A mother’s love is that kind of love that is felt from the depths of the heart, knowing of her sacrifice and courage to face adversity inspires us to persevere in faith and trust in God.

This is the testimony of Oximar Caña, who came to de Pan de Vida in September of this year, requesting help to cover her need for food for herself and her children. In view of her big responsibility, she felt motivated to seek help and knock on de Pan de Vida’s door.

Oximar Caña, is a 24 year old woman, of Venezuelan nationality, emigrated to Ecuador in 2019 with her 2 year old daughter Roximar and her husband, with the same objective as any mother, to find a better future for her family, she currently has another son, named Gilberth, 1 year old, of Ecuadorian nationality.

For more than a year she has been on her own, since the father of her children was jailed and she has had to assume the responsibility of covering all the family’s expenses and looking after her children.

This situation is very complicated, since being alone in a foreign country, she does not have a people who can help her take care of her children, so she often does temporary jobs in restaurants or stores, in order to take care of Roximar and Gilberth, which means taking them to school, nursery and of course being in charge of their meals.

Pan de vida, made a visit to their home where she could see that the house is very small, the kitchen was in very bad condition, without knobs and rusty, which represented a danger in the future, because at any time any of the children could burn, and also they had no food or chairs to sit to eat.

Thanks to the donations that Pan de Vida receives, it was possible to deliver a kitchen in better conditions, food bags, 1 backpack and 1 baby kit for Gilberth, which includes diapers, milk, oatmeal, wet wipes and compotes.

It is important to add that we are also providing spiritual support, through our hot meal program on Sundays, in which our beneficiaries are motivated to strengthen their relationship with GOD, to face problems in a better way.

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