The connection with de Pan de Vida began with the micro-entrepreneurship program to which Mr. Victor Saltos applied. He arrived from Venezuela several years ago in search of better opportunities for his family. Eventually his family started coming to Ecuador as well. Victor received his seed capital in 2021, he was dedicated to making desserts and selling them in slices on the streets of Quito.  As time went by Victor found a job opportunity in Manta -Ecuador so he decided to travel there along with his partner Rosalia, so Juanita Rosalia’s mother decided to keep in contact with Pan de Vida and become the owner of the project they maintained, nowadays he makes Venezuelan snacks and cakes as Victor did initially.

Juana Guilarte is a 55-year-old Venezuelan woman, she migrated to Ecuador 2 years ago, together with her 3 grandchildren, Abraham, 12 years old, Abbyayenlis, 10 years old and Elianyelis, 8 years old. The 3 children are Josefina’s children, who is Mrs. Juana’s daughter, however, Josefina has led a disorderly life, and that is why Mrs. Juanita took the 3 children under her protection.

The situation has been quite hard with the time, since one of Juana’s grandchildren has several medical conditions such as a deviated spine, imperforate anus, which means that his anus is completely closed, which made it impossible for her to acquire the necessary nutrients for his full development from birth. Pan de Vida has provided medical attention in different specialties, such as psychology, general medicine, dentistry, examinations, and medical supplies such as dilators and colostomy bags for Elianyelis. Despite the adversities and the arduous work of caring for 3 children alone, Juana remains constant with de Pan de Vida, she attends the meetings, she receives us very warmly in her home when we visit her. We have had the opportunity to do some improvement projects with missionary teams in her home.

She is very grateful to God for the opportunity to have a space where she and her three grandchildren can learn about the word of God, we maintain continuous dialogues with social work. These things contribute to a more dignified and happy life for this family.

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