Jesus Santiago Pichamba

Santiago Pichamba is a man of indigenous culture from the community of Cumbasconde in Otavalo. All his life he has been involved in agriculture and animal raise, knowledge that he obtained through his parents and grandparents. His family consists of his wife Susana and daughter Daniela.

The leader of the community of Cumbasconde noticed Santiago’s potential for the microentrepreneur program so he gave him this opportunity which Santiago accepted, he presented the project to Pan de vida which was accepted, his initial project was about raising chickens, but eventually it grew, and he decided to dedicate himself to raising and selling pigs.

Santiago comes from a Christian family and exercises love for others by helping people in the community, at the time we opened “the garden of life” program, he was very enthusiastic and applied to participate. Currently he has his garden of life and whenever the Pan de vida team goes to the city of Otavalo to make gardens of life for other entrepreneurs he is always willing to help so we always count on his help.

His dream is to continue growing his garden and animals to continue providing for his family and to continue supporting his community.

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