Being a single mother is synonymous with courage and strength, since it means assuming the role of father and mother at the same time. It means doing everything for two: loving, caring, protecting, accompanying, working and teaching. This testimony is from Mrs. Rosa, who arrived at Pan de Vida in March of 2023, after seeing several people lining up to receive food kits, and accompanied by Efrain in a wheelchair, she dared to knock on the door and ask if there was a possibility of receiving help. 

Rosa is a 39 year old Ecuadorian woman, born in Cayambe in the province of Pichincha, she currently resides in the north of Quito and is the single mother of 4 young children, Alexis 11 years old, José 9 years old, John 8 years old, and Efraín 4 years old. 

The task of caring for 4 children alone is extremely difficult, now imagine what it means when one of your children has a disability.  Efrain, Mrs. Rosa’s youngest son has a 100% physical disability, which is why he does not walk or speak. This is a situation that saddens the family a lot, since simple activities such as eating or playing are impossible for Efrain to do on his own. Mrs. Rosa assumes that Efrain’s disability is due to the fact that when it was time to give labor, she could not get to the hospital on time, her labor was delayed and Efrain drowned in her belly, between tears she commented at the moment of delivery she was alone, in a lot of pain, and in a remote place, so she had to wait for someone to take her. 

At present, Efrain is receiving a disability benefit, which is the only income the family has to cover food, health, housing and education expenses. It should be noted that between the care Rosa must give Efrain in each therapy, medical consultation and the care of her other 3 minor children, it is impossible for her to work.

It is important to point out the support that her other 3 children give her, since they often have to stay home alone while Mrs. Rosa and Efrain go to therapy. She gets up very early and leaves them preparing the food, so the children only have to heat it up. Alexis, Jose and John are responsible and loving children, who understand their brother’s situation, so they always try to help their mother as much as they can.

Pan de vida has followed up on this case, providing Efraín with ophthalmological medical attention, food and school supplies for his three children, who periodically attend our Bible camps where they learn about God’s word.

We have also dedicated spaces in which Mrs. Rosa can talk about her situation, and at the same time we can share small messages about the love and goodness of God, giving her support and emotional sustenance, being Pan de vida a place where she and her children feel safe. 

She has been motivated to continue forward, holding the hand of God, who makes it possible for us to reach the hearts of many people, who have the desire to help families like Mrs. Rosa.

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