Finding Hope Again – The Story of Yerenice Ramos

Yerenice Ramos and her family migrated from Venezuela to Ecuador leaving everything behind, she worked there as a hairdresser hoping to continue with her profession in Ecuador, however, they have struggled a lot with work since COVID-19 affected the country. Because of the pandemic situation it was very difficult for her to fund herself, so …

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Repairing Lives: Leydis and Bill’s Story

“I thought that I was going to die.” Leydis sat on a small stool perched among broken appliances and quietly shared her experience of encountering Jesus for the first time. We (four volunteers from Pan de Vida) sat listening intently. “The doctors said there was nothing to do about the leukemia, so I went to …

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The Gift of Glasses

The Gift of Glasses

There are many people who use or need glasses or contact lenses, and some of our beneficiaries are among them. But our beneficiaries don´t have the means to buy the glasses that they need. For these people, what they need is something so small, but it makes such a big difference and it´s just out …

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