Nancy arrived in Ecuador with her son in 2019 due to the poor economic situation in her country. She is an entrepreneurial and resilient woman who faces financial difficulties while trying to care for her 25-year-old son, Roberto, who lives with cerebral palsy.

Nancy is part of the group of micro-entrepreneurs supported by Pan de Vida. In this regard, she has managed to propose different ventures such as laundry services and jewelry making, for which the foundation provided seed capital, improvements to her ventures, and provided micro-enterprise training and community meeting assistance.

It is important to note that through hunger and health mitigation programs, hygiene kits, groceries, exams, and medical care have been provided to her.

As a single mother, Nancy has faced numerous challenges over the years, but she has shown incredible determination and dedication to providing the best possible care for her son.

Despite her constant efforts, she recently found herself in a difficult situation. Roberto has dental problems that cause bleeding gums and difficulty eating.

That is why Roberto needs urgent surgery because his diagnosis is pulp necrosis and advanced cavities, which is related to the death of pulp tissue inside the teeth. This situation greatly worries Nancy as she does not have the necessary resources to cover the expenses of the surgery.

During this difficult situation, Nancy continues to cling to hope that someone will be willing to help. Her love for Roberto is unwavering, and she is determined to do everything possible to ensure his well-being and improve his quality of life.

If anyone could offer support, whether financial or otherwise, Nancy would be eternally grateful. Roberto deserves to have a full and happy life.

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