Ms. Aida is an adult over 65 years old, who faces great challenges due to a 63% physical disability. This condition, which primarily affects her right leg, makes it difficult for her to walk and has caused a significant increase in pain and swelling due to a lack of medical evaluation and treatment for several years. In addition, she has some fingers on her hands that are deviated, resulting from an osteoarthritis problem that has not been properly followed up due to lack of financial resources.

Despite these difficulties and physical limitations, Ms. Aída is forced to work selling pacifiers and flowers on the street at traffic lights as her only source of income. This activity, although risky for his physical integrity given his age and health condition, is his only means of generating some type of income and covering his basic expenses, so his economic situation is quite precarious, not allowing him to lead a quality of life. appropriate.

Unfortunately, Ms. Aida does not have family support networks that provide her with the help or accompaniment that she needs at her age, only her 28-year-old son who visits her on weekends together with her grandson. However, the distance from her other family members due to religious issues has caused a very great emotional wound in Mrs. Aida, who sometimes expresses feeling very alone and little supported. Due to this family abandonment, it is presumed that she excessively accumulates objects in her home, having very little space to walk through the accumulation of garbage, plastic and clothing that she has, something that results in a significant risk of tripping or falling.

Despite her challenges, Ms. Aída maintains admirable strength, facing each day with determination and hope that things will improve, because God is with her. Her devotion, her trust and her love for God is one of her most beautiful qualities and the one that stands out the most, because sharing with her is filling us with her strength and courage. Since we learned about her situation, it has been essential for Pan de Vida to provide her with immediate help with groceries that allow him to complement her diet, as well as medical consultations to find out her current state of health and provide her with the necessary help. We have committed to accompanying and supporting this case, aware that Mrs. Aída’s living conditions are not optimal for her well-being.

Mrs. Aida’s case, like that of many older adults, is an example of resilience that, in the face of family and institutional abandonment, finds it necessary to find the means to be able to move forward.

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