From a very early age, René has demonstrated admirable strength and resilience in the face of adversity. An accident in his childhood left him with severe myopia that was not properly treated, resulting in the complete loss of his right eye, and today he faces a 73% visual impairment.

Despite the challenges, René has always looked for ways to overcome the barriers imposed by his condition. A few years ago, he worked in the construction field, however, due to his disability, it has become increasingly difficult for him to find employment, and what is more worrying, it represents a considerable risk to his physical state, since his vision has decreased considerably. This situation has had a profound impact not only on his ability to support himself, but also to contribute financially to the needs of his two children, who reside in Otavalo and whom he has unfortunately not been able to see due to economic limitations. Also, his ex-partner has not facilitated meetings with his children, which has been a source of great emotional pain for him.

On this difficult path, René only has the support of his parents, who provide him with some food and a place to rest, as well as his sisters who accompany him in his transportation to medical appointments, since his disability prevents him from doing so himself.

Given René’s complex situation and his concern about the possible loss of his other eye, he has approached Pan de Vida in search of help in performing an urgent eye exam to evaluate the current state of his optical nerve. This evaluation is crucial to determine the necessary treatment or surgery, since due to lack of resources he has not been able to perform it, and this has considerably worsened the glaucoma that he has in his left eye.

Due to his situation, Pan de Vida has provided him with help both in the nutritional field with the delivery of groceries, as well as in the medical field with the scheduling of appointments and carrying out the exam that René urgently requires. It is a privilege for Pan de Vida to bless René in this way and to be able to share faith and hope through the word of God, something that has been comforting for him, as he has found comfort and strength to face these challenges by putting his full trust in God.

René’s story is a testimony of very great inner strength, as his desire to face life’s circumstances with bravery and courage is a source of inspiration that will surely help many other people.

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