The importance of the family lies in the fact that it is a place where they accept us, encourage us, and help us by becoming a source of support to face difficulties.

María is a 69-year-old woman, who lives with her two daughters who are single mothers, Graciela and Lucia. They both got tired at a very early age and had children, but unfortunately their marriages failed.

Lucia married an older man and had 2 daughters, however, both she and her daughters suffered physical and psychological abuse, for this reason she separated from her husband and went to live with her mother. On the other hand, Graciela has 2 children and had problems in her marriage, so she separated from her husband, and turned to her mother.

Thus, Mrs. María welcomed her two daughters and her 4 grandchildren. It should be noted that Mrs. María is an elderly woman, who has no property or economic resources, which is why this family lives in a gas tank.

The owner of said deposit, in exchange for taking care of the property, gives them a reduction in the rent payment. However, the house is in a precarious situation, the floor is dirt, and they use materials such as cardboard and plastic to cover the walls and ceilings of the house, and thus prevent water and cold from entering the house.

They arrived at Pan de Vida in November 2023, requesting help with food and health, for which an interview was conducted, and a visit was made to their home, where the living conditions of this family were evident.

In this sense, we were able to deliver food, biblical material, and they are currently part of our health program which aims to evaluate their physical and mental situation, and in this way provides them with specialized care.

This family is made up of strong and brave women, who have faced very difficult situations, which is why through small spaces we have been able to share a message of faith, encouragement, and hope, trusting that God will transform their lives.

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