María Teresa Romo Segovia is one of our beneficiaries, whose story reflects the challenges and resilience that characterize many elderly individuals in our country. At 70 years old, she finds herself alone, facing the difficulties of daily life in a challenging environment, despite having three children who have pursued their own paths, living far away in other cities.

She currently resides in the humble neighborhood of Atucucho, which presents unfavorable conditions. Despite not posing significant structural risks, the presence of bacteria and mold due to humidity is affecting her health and well-being. The lack of basic amenities, such as a suitable mattress, forces her to resort to makeshift solutions, like using cardboard as a substitute, while thin blankets are insufficient to protect her from the cold.

María Teresa also faces numerous health challenges. An accident in 2004, when she fell from a bus, caused injuries to her spine and legs, leaving permanent sequelae that require ongoing medical attention. Additionally, she suffers from asthma, hypertension, and polycythemia, conditions that require regular care, which are currently being addressed by Hospital Pablo Arturo Suárez through medical assistance, respirators, and medications when supplies are available.

In this regard, we are filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity to learn about her situation and offer our support in critical aspects of her well-being through food kits, access to medical appointments, and essential medications that, unfortunately, the state has not been able to provide. Furthermore, we are pleased to have facilitated her communication by training her and providing her with a cell phone, allowing her to stay in touch both with our foundation and her family in the provinces. Likewise, we are delighted to now include her in our special cases group, where we strive to manage resources sustainably and in the long term to ensure her ongoing well-being.

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