The quality of a human life consists of physical, mental, and social well-being. However, when we understand the reality of our country, we are aware of households in precarious situations, inadequate nutrition, and problems such as parental abandonment.

Thus, Carmen´s case sadly represents what we call poverty in Ecuador. Despite it occurring for 70 years, people continue to confront the challenge of affording basic needs, that become emotional and financial burdens, moderately solved by high-risk jobs.  She shared with us, “I´m old, and no one wants to hire an old person. So, I earned money by collecting bottles”. Fifteen years ago, collecting bottles and cartons became her only source of income. Because of this, she goes every morning to the middle of the city with her sack, in which she stores all that she has collected that day, and then brings it home with her.

Upon entering Carmen´s house, she told us, through her tears, that she is embarrassed about her lifestyle, as the collected bottles fell on us every time we attempted to enter the house. Although the structural conditions of the house were adequate, the disordered accumulation increases the risk of tripping and falling over objects. In addition, the build up from the streets contain contaminated substances that can affect a person ´s health; when they are exposed daily to pollen, bacteria, particles, and toxic smells, especially in delicate spaces like dorms, bathrooms, or kitchens. Overall, it´s concerning that her health safety is becoming compromised now when Carmen should be consuming the necessary nutrients for her age.

Her case filled our hearts with motivation as this woman with many problems smiled at us, saying that she was completely happy to not be alone. God was with her, and he brought us to her for a special purpose. Up until now, Pan de Vida has tried to establish key aspects, like nutrition, health, home sanitation, and handing out various belongings for the house to live a better life. It´s clear to us that we can´t supply their long-term needs, thus, the social work department searched for family support networks that watch over the well-being of the beneficiary, thus providing a dignified old age. 

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