Twenty-nine-year-old Ana Yamerla resides in the indigenous community of Azama, Otavalo, with her husband José and their two kids. They have worked together in a life full of love, challenges, and triumphs. Their road has not been easy, especially because of the worries that come with having a son that has a grave health condition. Nevertheless, her faith and emotional strength have been unwavering, showing a resilience that has inspired all who know her.

Since September 2022, Ana has received multiple grants, for example, seed capital to improve her chick raising venture, followed by a second boost for the same project, however, they were not only financial aids, but also signs of confidence in her ability and effort.

Ana has attended various workshops where the foundation not only imparted knowledge but also the strengthening of her spirit, reminding her she is not alone in this fight.

She has received technical assistance from our team on various occasions. When some of her chickens were sick, Pan de Vida provided medication for them. There has been clear evidence of God’s hand moving in her life.

Despite the challenges, José’s hard work and Ana’s tenacity in the rearing of the animals had been essential to the substance their home. But beyond the physical, is the unconditional support of their family, the solidarity of their parents and brothers. During a technical assistance visit, Pan de Vida learned about the health problem of their son Iker.

When Iker was two months old, he was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, and was prescribed medication and oxygen which must be supplied according to how the baby develops with the prescribed medicine.

When Pan de Vida became aware of this grave situation, they supported the family with food, diapers, medical tests, and oxygen refills, so that the baby could attend his medical appointments, and helped reduce the expense. In collaboration with the technical assistance team and beneficiary management team, they managed to deliver the donations to Otavalo and are continuing to monitor how the case advances. Currently we know Iker little by little is improving, he is going to need less oxygen support and his condition will evolve favorably.

In every step, in every challenge overcome, and in each smile of her children, Ana sees God’s hand. Her life is an encouraging reminder that even in the most difficult trials, we are not alone. God woks through people and moments showing us that, with faith, that love can overcome any obstacle.

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