Patricia is a mother of two who used to work in a snack company. She was able to take advantage of the relationships she made there with a nacho manufacturer that even supplies the movie theaters here, and has now started her own business with the help of the start-up capital from Pan de Vida. She now has an official small business where she supplies her customers with different types of nachos and cheese sauce. This business is now her main source of funding. Her daughter is currently studying and can help her with marketing. In addition, her daughter and her father help deliver the nachos in Quito. For this they use a motorcycle that the daughter was able to finance by working in a company and a small van that she was able to buy with the help of a loan. Unfortunately, the father’s health is not so good now, so he can no longer help. It is also difficult that she can only buy small quantities of nachos at a time, so that she cannot supply larger customers at the moment.

All in all, Patricia is very grateful for the help of Pan de Vida, which has made it possible for her to start this small business and has also encouraged her in her faith. Common prayers and conversations have carried her through the difficult situations of the last years and brought her closer to Jesus. She is very positive about the future and hopes to expand her small business and maybe even open a small store. Then she could also involve other family members in her business.

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Av. America N39-183 Calle San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador