Andrea (28) lives alone with her two children. Her ex-husband is an alcoholic. Her son Mathias is 10 and goes to school. Talking to Andrea, we found out that new school supplies would help him there. Her daughter Dalila is still too young for school. She suffers from insect bites all over her body. In addition, Dalila’s health is affected by the cold at night. In Quito, the temperature regularly drops to two 2 °C at night and her house is poorly insulated. The house wall and roof have several holes. In addition, her bed has only two thin blankets.

Financially, Andrea is not at all well off. Her small business consisted of selling sausage and chips on the street. However, her mobile kitchen was stolen. Her current earnings are very irregular. Every three months, she has the opportunity to work in a restaurant and peel a bag of potatoes for $3. In addition, she can clean a house on Fridays for 15 dollars. However, she is also hired irregularly there.

We are working on getting the data of her mother and her children so that they can get medical treatment. Andrea was open to our prayer. We desire that God will work great things through our devotion and her donation.

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Av. America N39-183 Calle San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador