Christina Astudillo – fighter in the light of God

Christina Astudillo is an ecuadorian mother with four adult children, two of them are living with her. She is a professional hairdresser and worked in a salon. When the pandemic hit the country, she lost her job and her financial situation got worse so she went to Pan de Vida asking for help.

Pan de Vida gave her the support she needed to restart her life. The “Capital Semilla” and the Entrepreneurship Program allowed Christina to start CROS (comida rapida organica y saludable). She makes organic prepared food, with the products from her garden, which can be ordered through Whatsapp messages. Her youngest daughter Christina suffers from the leukemia disease, blood cancer. When she was diagnosed with the cancer, her mother had to change her daughter’s diet completely, which is why she came up with the idea of CROS. With this food she wants to cook healthy food not only for her daughter but also for other people who need to take care of their health and offer them a possibility.

The family works together for their well-being, and when Christina’s health gets worse, they are all come together. Christina’s wish is to have her own restaurant so more people can have access to it.

Christina and her daughter are strong women who have their heart close to Jesus. With their humble attitude, they trust in God who will bring them through all difficult circumstances. While Pan de Vida prays that they will be able offering help to this family and many others, we thank the Samaritan Foundation for their partnership in this project.

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Av. America N39-183 Calle San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador