Finding Hope Again – The Story of Yerenice Ramos

Yerenice Ramos and her family migrated from Venezuela to Ecuador leaving everything behind, she worked there as a hairdresser hoping to continue with her profession in Ecuador, however, they have struggled a lot with work since COVID-19 affected the country. Because of the pandemic situation it was very difficult for her to fund herself, so she decided to go live with her mother who also is living in Ecuador.

Yerenice met Pan de Vida through her mother, and our ministry gave her the help she needed to initiate a change in her life. The “Capital Semilla” along with the entrepreneurship program made it possible for Yerenice to pursue her dreams. Pan de Vida invested in materials, so that she could work again. In addition, Pan de Vida was also an emotional support for her, since Yerenice arrived pregnant from Venezuela and had several obstacles in the path where her life was in danger and unfortunately she lost her baby. The members of Pan de Vida, in hearing about her situation, sat with her and listened to her, giving her emotional, spiritual and material support.

Today, with the help of Pan de Vida, Yerenice works in a hairdressing salon, thanks to that she has learned a lot and seeks to stabilize her life. Her emotional grief regarding the loss she had, is still difficult but this strong woman fights day by day to get her family ahead. Her wish is that her husband’s family also have the opportunity coming to Ecuador. Yerenice is a woman of faith who has believed that God will bring them through whatever struggles they may face and despite all the difficulties, she has been faithful through it all. As Pan de Vida we pray God may allow us helping this family and many others in Jesus´ names, we thank Samaritan’s purse for the partnership with us on this project.

At every Care Visit we take the time is needed to listen to the incredible stories of our beneficiaries. We were really moved by her story. God is working in her house and it is so beautiful to see that!
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