Something to be proud of: Katty Espinoza

Katty Espinoza couldn´t think of a single thing she was proud of when I asked her. Of all the things she has done in her life, she couldn´t think of anything. She had similar difficulties thinking of her talents, though she eventually thought of some things that she does well. She likes to help people, and she feels that she is good at cleaning her house and washing clothes.

She probably feels that way because that´s what she did for a living: cleaning houses and washing clothes. She has also spent some time without a job, simply staying home watching the kids and taking care of the house, and currently is just doing that. Her husband Edison (29) does construction work and painting. The family makes only about $354 per month. That´s why they need help. They used to receive help from the government, but that money is no longer coming in. She thinks that they were only allowed to receive it while the children were little. If not that, then she´s not sure why the government stopped sending her aid.

Their home has many of the basic services that they need, including running water, light, and a bathroom, though that bathroom is outside of the house and likely shared. She does have a bed for her and her husband, as well as one for one of her children. And she has a kitchen with a stove and a sink, though no refrigerator. This two room house is provided by an aunt, and her mother and sister live nearby as well. The family has been living in the same neighborhood all their lives.

Katty Espinoza´s family has been at Pan de Vida since 2012. They come regularly to the Sunday and Wednesday services, her (29) and her three children, Carla (10), Shirley (9), and Edison (5). Through Pan de Vida, they have received help with groceries, medicine, school supplies, and clothing. They have also received the Word of God, which we hope will help her see her own dignity as a child of God, and then maybe the next time I ask she will be able to think of something she is proud of.

If you would like to donate to help us help this family and those like it see their worth in God, as well as meeting their immediate needs, you can donate here. If you are interested in bringing a group down to do a Hit Squad or a similar project, you can contact us here. Katty asks that you pray for her health, her family, and her husband, who does not always have a job.

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