First Group of the Summer: The Crossing

First Group of the Summer: The Crossing

This summer we have a bunch of groups coming to Pan de Vida to help serve with us. One of the first groups that we´ve been able to benefit from is the group from The Crossing in Illinois. The group arrived June 13th and left on the 18th, and they left an impact through the work that they did here. While they were here, they were able to do a Hit Squad, a VBS, and a tour of some of our beneficiaries homes.

During the Hit Squad, the team built a new bathroom for the family of Ana Lema. They worked hard, shoveling concrete, concrete blocks, building walls, fighting with some wires, sawing wood, cleaning tools, measuring, building, cleaning, arranging. By the time they were done, they had successfully cleaned the house, given donations, built a bathroom, and most importantly, forged a relationship with the family, with whom they had worked together the entire day.

They also were able to forge relationships with many of our kids, who came to participate in the VBS. There were about 20 kids who participated, and 5 group members running the program. First they ate with the group, then they enjoyed playing with the group in the garden before the program started. They learned a dance, listened to a lesson about building our lives on the Rock instead of the sand, and played Jenga to illustrate the importance of having a firm foundation in Christ. Then they went outside and did some crafts and games teaching the same theme.

The VBS was fun and a great way to connect with the families. Another way that this group got to connect with the families was by doing a house visit tour. The group had the opportunity to go visit 5 homes of some of our beneficiaries. They went to Maria Campos´s house, Silvia Aucatoma´s house, Patricia Sanchez´s house, Carmen Guachala´s house, and Gladys Ontaneda´s house. The visits gave them a chance to see where our beneficiaries live and what kind of situation they are in. They were able to see what Pan de Vida is doing in their lives and what work we still have to do.

In addition to these special activities, they also helped us with our regular Sunday and Wednesday programs. This gave them the chance to mingle with our volunteers, experience the main programs, and minister to all of our beneficiaries.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet this group and to be blessed by them! Thank you, Crossing Church, for the work that you did here for God´s kingdom. We look forward to the next time we can see you!

If you are interested in bringing a group down to do some similar programs, like the Crossing group did, you can contact us here. You can also support the work that we do here by donating. Blessings!

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