Deilys is a 30-year-old Venezuelan woman, mother of 3 children. She and her husband Johender migrated to Ecuador in search of better life opportunities.

However, they were unable to find a job, and therefore Johender had to go out on the streets to sell candy, an economic activity that could not meet her needs. Furthermore, Johender has a problem with her feet that prevents her from walking normally.

The family arrived at Pan de Vida in January 2023, requesting help to meet their food needs, since Deilys was pregnant, but due to lack of income she could not access adequate food, because of which she presented anemia and was underweight. The state of health of her children was also worrying, as they were also not eating well.

Bread of Life received the family with a lot of love and immediately attended to their main problems, such as health and nutrition. We provide medical appointments for the family, bags of groceries, diapers, vitamins, clothing and Bibles.

They are also part of our hot meal program, where we have been able to share a very special time with her and her family, since through this space we provide food and biblical teachings that allow them to build a relationship with God.

Finally, we are very happy that your little girl was born in the month of September, she is a healthy girl who has filled the family with joy, they were part of our breastfeeding workshop where we gave her a baby kit, and we focused on the importance of children being able to acquire the nutrients necessary for their full development.

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