Nicol Ayala Condor

Nicol is a 20-year-old single mother who oversees her two girls, one who is 3 years old and her baby who was born just two months ago. At her young age, Nicol is an optimistic and feisty person. For her, being a single mother is very rewarding, but it is also something that involves many challenges. It is doing everything for two: loving, caring, cleaning, protecting, accompanying, working and teaching for two. It means not having help during the day or at night, having accumulated fatigue, learning to take time where there is none and organize it very well, it means realizing that you are stronger than you imagine.

Nicol was a victim of physical and psychological violence from her ex-partner, since she has alcoholism problems that persist today, which is why since she had her son in her belly, she knew that the father was never going to be involved in the way her daughters deserved. The man does not help her financially and is not present in the upbringing of her daughters, so for Nicol it is sometimes very exhausting to deal with the care and motherhood of her two daughters, but they themselves are the ones who give her enough strength to be emotionally stable, and not get carried away by emotions that arise in the face of the complicated economic situation they are experiencing.

Seven months ago, Nicol decided to break the cycle of violence and go live alone with her daughters. However, due to the lack of financial resources and the state of pregnancy she was in, she approached Pan de Vida in the month of October looking for some kind of help. From there, the due process began in order to evaluate her case and see some way to provide support to her and her girls, so she has been able to participate in the different programs of the Foundation, receiving groceries and hot food in the area. of food, care and medical check-ups in the area of health, as well as diapers for your baby and donations of clothing.

Being part of Pan de Vida has been very valuable for Nicol. She says that she has felt very loved and welcomed in the foundation. She has also been able to thank and connect more with the word of God, something that has had a significant impact on her life and that of his daughters. This whole process has allowed Nicol to value each of the things he does, and he has been able to appreciate how valuable a mother and woman she is, she has become stronger and has learned to trust in what God wants for his life.

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