Mrs. Susana Pintag is a 65-year-old older woman who suffered a physical disability of 87% as a result of a very serious fall from the stairs of her home. Since then, she has encountered countless difficulties along the way, but her courage and resilience to face these circumstances have enabled her to move forward.

Despite having been diagnosed 5 years ago with kidney failure, Ms. Susana keeps her fighting spirit intact. She is optimistic and attends her dialysis treatment three times a week, as well as her respective therapies so as not to lose her mobility completely. Mrs. Susana comments, with great emotion and gratitude, that without the unconditional support of her family she would not have been able to overcome these difficult moments. She currently lives with her daughter and her three grandchildren, but it is Britney, her 20-year-old granddaughter, who helps her by accompanying her and always walking hand in hand. It is she who, with patience and affection, contributes to her care, and helps her to go to her medical appointments with everything she needs.

Ms. Susana came to Pan de Vida in 2021, and from there she has experienced the love, guidance and transformation that God has had on her life and that of her family. It is with gratitude that she expresses the contribution that Pan de Vida has made to improve her quality of life by seeing hope within the mess and need. Pan de Vida is currently looking to help her with a dental prosthesis, as due to her age she no longer has teeth. So now we are very excited that she will soon be able to eat a proper diet and continue to delight us with her wonderful smile.

The road has not been easy for Ms. Susana and her family, but her testimony is an example that with God a people can face all kinds of difficulties and not give up in the face of life’s barriers.

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