What is the limit to a mother’s love?

This is the testimony of Laura Quishpe (65 years old), a mother who has had to double her work for the love of her son Santiago. Her son is 44 years old and has acquired a physical disability because of two strokes that left him without mobility, totally dependent on his mother’s care. Laura came to Pan de Vida through a neighbor, since she was going through a very complicated economic situation, since her only support is the retirement amount that her son receives for his catastrophic illness.

Laura sadly comments that even though Santiago’s wife and children did not want to take care of him and have shown no interest in him, she has been ready to receive him with open arms in her home, to provide him with all the daily care he needs, such as feeding him, bathing him, changing his diapers and giving him his medicines. Thus, for 7 years Laura has been totally dedicated to the care of her son and even though he has health problems, and his physical strength is not the same as before, she does not cease to watch over him and take care of him with love and patience.

For Laura, Pan de Vida has become a living hope, which has helped her to overcome these difficult moments, God being her helper in this stage of her life, providing food, medical appointments, diapers and being a warm, safe and welcoming space to listen to them and support them to improve their quality of life. We want to continue impacting more families like Santiago and Laura who have a difficult testimony, full of barriers, but who continue trusting and being grateful to God. Meeting her has been inspiring because she is a clear example of love, patience, strength, and perseverance to move forward, her story is a source that we hope will inspire many others.

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