During this time, we had the opportunity to work together with Lucia Morales, she is an indigenous woman from the community of Pigulca in Otavalo, we have worked together since 2020 when she came to Pan de Vida through her community leader. Lucia is 43 years old and lives with her 6 children, her husband, and her father. The micro-entrepreneurship program caught Lucia’s attention which motivated her to seek help from Pan de Vida. She started this project with guinea pigs, and what she thought would be a one-time help with food and entrepreneurship ended up being a big change in her life.

Lucia was always kind enough to welcome us into her home, she is a very charismatic and sweet person who is ready to help her community, so her skills and potential made us see that she was an ideal person to be a “champion” in the life farms that de Pan de Vida was starting. 

She received her life farm in June of this year, and today she is feeding herself daily from the produce she harvests from it. We are working with her spiritual growth in the same way, she is currently attending the bible lessons we have in the community development, we are admired for her collaboration and commitment with de Pan de Vida, since she started the life farm project, she has attended to help her neighbors in the other communities with their life farms. We were able to see the fellowship during the realization of the life farms because while people work hard doing it, people laugh together, share a snack, and take care of each other. 

Lucia is a great example of how our project is moving forward, we want to create community, make our entrepreneurs grow spiritually and they can start eating healthy with products that they can grow and continue fostering their skills in agriculture.

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