Hilda Martha Anguaya

Hilda Martha Anguaya is a woman who resides in the community of Chuchuquí. She is brave and faith-filled and lives with her parents, her grandmother, and her two children. Although she does not work in a formal job outside the home, she takes care of her family with dedication and love. However, she faces a daily challenge of epilepsy. To keep it under control, Hilda Martha takes pills and undergoes constant treatment. Despite the difficulties, she finds purpose in her day-to-day life. She helps her mom in the small family store and dedicates part of her time to caring for the animals in her home.

Hilda was led to the Pan de Vida Foundation by the pastor of a local Christian Church. During a worship service, she learned about the foundation and decided to sign up for help. Since then, her life has undergone a significant change, and she is very grateful for the positive impact that the Pan de Vida Foundation has had on her life. Hilda has been actively involved in workshops and is committed to the Life Farms. Her participation opened the way for her to obtain the first seed capital, and she presented a project that was accepted. Her enterprise is focused on raising and selling guinea pigs for food. After a visit from our technical assistants, it became evident that Hilda has the necessary experience and appropriate space to care for these animals.

Her contribution extends beyond her own benefit as we have seen her generous heart in action while collaborating to implement Life Farms for other families in different communities. She greets us with a smile and positive attitude, and is also working on germinating seedlings to give to other   beneficiaries who are interested in growing their own life farms.

Hilda has already harvested the produce from her farm and is currently in the process of replanting to ensure that it continues to thrive. Her inspiring story serves as a reminder that with faith and determination, one can overcome even the most challenging circumstances and achieve unimaginable success. We are grateful for her life and for the opportunity to be a part of her journey towards a brighter future.

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