Maria Erminia Simba Simba 

A story emerges from the heart of the indigenous community of Anrabi that reflects transformation through faith and effort. Erminia, a 44-year-old woman, has become an inspiring example of how God’s providence can manifest in our lives in unexpected and profoundly impactful ways.

In 2023  , Erminia embarked on a journey with Pan de Vida and received a basic life farm. This marked the beginning of a new stage in her life and became a source of continued blessings. Through her dedication, she has seen her farm flourish and reach its third planting. The farm has brought about a significant change for Erminia and her family, who were previously dependent on markets for essential products due to their limited economic capacity.

Erminia lives with her elderly parents and is a proud mother of a son who has already started his own family. For Erminia, the farm is not just a source of livelihood, but also a source of family unity and happiness. She is deeply committed to caring for the seedlings, attending workshops, and constantly improving her techniques, which reflects her dedication and passion for this project. Apart from the farm, she also spends her time sewing with the same love and attention to detail. Erminia is a collaborative person and enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with her community. She actively participates in farm projects in neighboring areas, extending her helpful and sharing spirit beyond her community.

Erminia’s desire to broaden her horizons led her to apply to a seed capital program offered by Pan de Vida in order to raise guinea pigs. With a well-structured plan and sufficient space, she not only managed to start her project but to significantly expand it as well, improving the facilities for her guinea pigs and increasing their population. Erminia serves as an exemplar of how determination, hard work, and the right support can improve not only an individual’s life but also uplift a community. Through her efforts and with God’s guidance, she has not only enhanced her own livelihood but also become a source of inspiration and a role model for her community. 

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